This page may change frequently as I we see things that are differnt in operation than other radios you may have owned/used before or feature operations that you may easily missed.

4K  Tx audio = Turn off the radio hold DNF & DNR and turn the radio back on
In the menu = Function/Radio Setting/Mode SSB/TX BPF SEL and set it to TTBF

Light above the Bands: Not sure why?
Push and Hold the Band you want lit till it double beeps
(Turn the light on for the bands you have antennas for....)

Saving Menu's and settings:
Having the ability to save the setting for a particular mode/user etc. located under the Extension Menu\SD Card
You can name the file as required. eg, Laura Voice, Ed Voice, FT8, Pactor etc.
You then can load the setting you need, this will save you lots of finger poking or mousing each time.

Band Stacking:
Retains retain coax port setting per frequency.
There are 3 frequencies in the stack and each frequency you can select Ant port 1, 2 or 3
Caution: one of the frequency in the stack may go to a frequency without an antenna connected
(suggest a dummy load on the unused ports)

MODE Button:
Long press brings up the mode menu of choices, when you select a mode then the Mode button short press will bring up you saved selected mode. To change it to another mode do a long press and select the mode you want to save and it will change to that selection

60 Meters:
60m band operating parameters are set, and cannot be "adjusted".  Mode options are: USB or CW-U on each of the five allocated frequency (channels). Last 10 memory locations are for 60m "channels: 5-01 to 5-05 are configured for USB frequencies, 5-06 to 5-10 are configured for operating CW-U

How to find them:
60m Meter memory channels - Press the M>V or V>M Button (V/M  M>V V>M)
It will show a list of the 10 available channels (5-01 to 5-10)
Rotate the MULTI knob to required Channel/Mode from 5-01 to 5-10 then press in on the MULTI knob to select it.
The menu will dissapear and put the radio on the selected Channel/Mode

60 Meters - back to VFO mode
Press the V/M Button (V/M  M>V V>M)

60 Meters - Data mode:
60 meters data modes are only capable in USB/CW-U modes
(Modes are locked in the 10 programmed channels so - No access to Mode menu)

60 Meters - back to VFO
Press the V/M Button (middle button V/M  M>V V>M)

MON Button:
This Mon button also has a memory, you can set it for Mon on in CW or Mon Off in CW mode
Press it and hold to set the level with the MULTI knob

These buttons do not have a default lights off position like the SHIFT/WIDTH buttons do.
Both the NOTCH/CONT & SHIFT/WIDTH buttons lights turn on automatically when turned.
Note: APF only works in CW and follow the same operation of the light as the NOTCH/CONT does.

VC Tune on MAIN receiver
Press the BIG VC TUNE button this will engage the small VC Tune and move the inner ring to peak the signal or to remove the signal and or the noise. Using the the DNR will also help with the band noise removal.

VC Tune on SUB receiver
Start with the MAIN receiver selected RX (green LED) and TX (Red LED) and the SUB not selected! RX (Green LED) only or both (RX & TX selected) . All you need to do is press the MAIN>< SUB (between the RX TX MAIN><SUB TX RX)
Note: the SUB will not light up.

If you have it in the MONO mode it will switch the screen between the Main and Sub Band/frequency