Motorola 16 or 20 pin to Kantronics KPC3+

16 Pin plug fits into the CDM and the 20 pin as seen below

Note: Motorola's have programable accessory pins.

Motorola to Kantronics wiring

NOTE: If you wire as above you will NOT need the external power connection.

Option: The Motorola will provide power through the accessory connector to the DB9.
TNC Jumpers need to be as listed below.

1 + Center
1 + Center
1 + Center

If you do not have access to a service monitor set Motorola's use - XMITL 268

(TNC command XMITL may vary per model)

If you change your Radio or TNC the XMITL will need to matched for 2.75 Khz deviation.

Our testing showed 25% better throughput was acheived when the XMIL is set correctly in our area that has water and mountains