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Yaesu, Icom ,Kenwood, Ten-Tec, Collins, Alinco, Flexradio

In my search I found CommCat to be a complete package.
Remote Controlling my FTdx3000 & FT-991 from my PC or my iPhone or iPad.
Note: I have tried many of the available programs and keep coming back to CommCat/Commcat Mobile

CommCat & CommCat Mobile (iPhone App)

They are full of features and not just for radio control

Yaesu, Icom ,Kenwood, Ten-Tec, Collins, Alinco, Flexradio
Rotor Controllers: 
Rotor-EZ; RotorCard; Hy-Gain; Heath; M2; ARSWIN; Yaesu: Green Heron
CW Keyers:
Internal; WinKey
Spot Sources: 
Internet (DX Summit); Telnet; Packet Radio (all simultaneously)
External Programs:
MixW; DX Atlas; Ham CAP; GoList; Ham Radio Deluxe; QSXer
LoTW, eQSL, paper (design and print)
FCC online; QRZ Subscription; CD
Award tracking: 
Printed reports:
Logbook; QSL card; Labels

Control your station from your computer
Just some of it features....
Logbook,Spot manager, DX Tracker, Band Spotter etc.

CommCat 4 is a radio control and logging program for radio amateurs who share a passion for talking to other hams around the world. CommCat works with most popular radios and accessories. It requires a Windows XP or later computer. CommCat 4 is compatible with the

Vista through Windows 10 operating systems.CommCat is packed with features to help you find and work DX. Its acclaimed rule-based spot manager filters incoming spots from the Internet and alerts you when a needed DX station is present. The DX Tracker and Band Spotter windows help you analyze activity and operating habits.

The best way to learn more is to download the CommCat 4 demo and give it a try with your own station.
First take a look at CommCat the Movie by clicking the button below.