HF - SDRplay  using  
SDR Console & Omni-Rig

1. Download the API Installer & install
2. Download SDR Console & install
1. Download OMNIRIG and install, setup for your "Rig Type"  "Port" "Baudrate" and "OK"
Run SDR Console, choose "Definition" then "Search"  and choose "SDRPlay" you can select up to 8 Mhz.
In SDR Console click on "Display" then  "External radio".
Now click the top left button  on the External window.   
You should now see the same frequency as on your HF radio if not click on the "Track" button

Note: If it doesn't work then go to "Tools" then "Program Options" and untick the port that your radio is on.

Now try and turn on the External Radio.

Tick the "Mute audio" and "Ok" and you should be ready to go.

 I did noticed that the SDR receiver was active when I key the microphone so I adjusted a parameter in Omni-Rig. "Timeout, ms" to "2000".

Closing SDR Console you may want to  turn off the External Radio first.
It makes for a cleaner exit.

Now the fun stuff all the setup of everything. the most important is the....