Without - RT Systems software

(or you can program the channels manually)

Turning on the Digital Squelch
"Code and Break function"

​Using the "Touch screen and Dial knob".
1. Press​​ and hold "DISP" ​(1 sec) ​until the Menu appears
2. Press "TX/RX"
3. Press "​2​ DIGITAL"
4. Press "​1 ​SQL TYPE"
5. Rotate ​dial ​knob to choose "> SQL Type"
5. ​​Press "DISP" and rotate ​dial ​knob to choose "BREAK"
6. Press "BACK" and rotate ​dial ​knob to choose "> SQL CODE"
7. ​​Press "DISP" and rotate ​dial ​knob to choose "073"
8. Press "BACK", "BACK", "BACK", "BACK", "BACK"

Channel by Channel C4FM programming with Digital SQL

Programming a C4FM Repeater:
1. Power on the radio
2. Press the “V/M” button
3. Press the screen where the frequency is and then enter the desired frequency
a. The offset will be automatically set. 
4. Press and hold “DISP”
5. Press "TX/RX"
6. Press "2DIGITAL"
7. Press "1SQL TYPE"
8. With "> SQL TYPE" selected 3 choices OFF/CODE/BREAK (Break is like Tone & Code is like Tone Sql)
9. Rotate Control knob and choose "BREAK"
10. Press "BACK"
11. Rotate Control knob and choose "> SQL CODE"
12. Press "DISP"
13.  Rotate Control knob to "073"
14. Press "BACK" "BACK" "BACK" "BACK"
15. Press "FMW" for 1 sec.
16. Rotate the control knob to the desired channel and press "M.WRITE"

Programming a ALPHA / NUMERIC TAG
1. In memory mode go to the channel you wish to set an alpha/numeric tag for.
2. Press and hold “DISP”
3. Press “MEMORY”
4. Press “3 MEMORY NAME” and enter the name
5. Once the name is entered press the "PTT button" to set into memory.
6. To check the name press and hold the “A/B” button or to make it larger print press on the small Name ??????