Setup to Monitor your Node/Room Remotely

Typical install:
Node/Room Location 1 - HRI-200/Radio and Wires-X software  
Remote location 2 - Wires-X Monitor software

Stage 1:
Software 1: Wires-X  (Node/Room software)
Software 2: Wires-X Monitor  (Remote Monitor)

Step 1: Download Wires-X Monitor from and install.
Step 2: Open computer CMD: prompt and type ipconfig /all your IP will be there EG. (not ending with .1)
Step 3: Open Windows firewall for Wires-X & Wires-X Monitor and set up In/Out rules for port 46190 for your IP
Step 4: Open Router ports UDP 46100, 46110, 46112, 46114, 46120, 46122 and TCP 46190 for your IP
Step 5: Open Wires-X and check if ports are open under TOOLS/PORT CHECK and click on start they should all be green.
Step 6: Open Wires-X and install Web Server - TOOLS/PLUGIN and Add Module (file will be in the install folder)

Step 7: Click on the WIRES WebServer and set the Password and Port then tick the Remote Control Box
Step 8: Open FILES/SETTINGS/GENERAL SETTINGS and make sure the Password/Port is correct and tick Remote Control

At the remote location start the Wires-X Monitor
Make sure you have the correct Node or Room, Serial number and Password.
To Monitor your Node or Room click on Connect once connected it will turn to a Green Box with Disconnected and beows save password it will say Connecting..... then click on the grey Sound Monitor box (with speaker on and turned up)
it will the change and you should hear anyone who keys the radio.
Speakers off                    Speakers on


The Web Port is for the Web Server which will get you a simple website so you can display your setup info.

Check back for changes and additions when time permits ....